Satiated Sleep (help me sigh)

Give me a reason to stay awake.

Pour secrets into my ears,

run your nails along the peaks-

and valleys of my breast.

Steal my breaths between stories,

locate my pulse by the birthmark on my neck.

Keep my eyes open, help me

scatter poetry on bedsheets-

keep the rhythm of recitation

with the undulating of your hips.

Sigh, unravel, and spool into me.

Curl around my body, kiss each eye

closed. Then,

then I can sleep.



Tumultuous (rough)

Just as my worries gather they ebb-

drawn out to sea.

The decaying parts of my spirit float on it’s discordant waves.

Glittering foam catches negative thoughts,

they disappear into sand-

become the dreams and castles of children,

my sorrows transformed into well intended moats.

Sunlight bleeds into night,

the dying of a gull resonates down the alley of the beach,

water gnaws on a clumsy tower made of sand,

it draws the melancholy back to me.