Doubt Comes (draft)

Doubt Comes at lunchtime.

For thirty minutes

it takes up the space

were food should go.

a persistent climb up


I choke back water.

Keep it down. 

Poisonous it seeps into blood

rattles my hands.

rings my drums.

rangles both lungs

Sleep doubt says.

so, heart slows


eyes fall on soft








For thirty years

doubt take up the space

were confidence should have gone.


Burnt (2013)

I hold the ember in the cup of my hands
the uselessly toiling fingers are- Kindling.

No longer able to beat out
rhythms on an unyielding earth-

I hear the crackle of the fire
consuming my bones.

Keep the children warm,
feed them my ashes.


*Note: Originally posted on my deviantart in 2013