Satiated Sleep (help me sigh)

Give me a reason to stay awake.

Pour secrets into my ears,

run your nails along the peaks-

and valleys of my breast.

Steal my breaths between stories,

locate my pulse by the birthmark on my neck.

Keep my eyes open, help me

scatter poetry on bedsheets-

keep the rhythm of recitation

with the undulating of your hips.

Sigh, unravel, and spool into me.

Curl around my body, kiss each eye

closed. Then,

then I can sleep.



My Fair Maiden

The maiden did not want to die, but her death would ensure a good harvest.She bites her tongue, a plea for help buried beneath her lips. Even in death she is beautiful, yet her beauty saves her not from being sacrificed- for human greed…for progress.


April 28, 2013

This is an original photo I took of my cousin, to which I then edited to varying levels of success. This piece was inspired by the fairy tale tradition of the sacrificial maiden. It always bothered me how peaceful they seemed to be the currency for someone else’s happily ever after.


Note: this picture was originally posted on my deviantart under the name TaslDaed.