For the Want of Nothing (draft)

I have atrophied in these sheets.

They cling to me,

sweat gathers in sickness

and in health I know nothing but want.

Yet, need lingers in the door

beckons, but does not come forth.

My dreams run rampant like pixies;

they are splashes of imaginary colour ,

no paper can hold them.

Outside the barren tree branches lacked the strength

to hold onto their colourful autumn,

I lack the strength (will) to even manifest a fall,

So, I’ve fallen into a bed of leaves

(which I did not rake)

Please. Decompose this body,

feed the corpse to the worms-

this is the only way I know to celebrate a harvest.

A Plea to the Silent (edit)

1. A life unlived is not unique.

2. What things keep you from being?

3. Your words are bullets, so speak.


4. Could charity save a soul?

5.  Save sinful eyes from seeing?

6. A life unlived is not unique.


7.  Pastor, knows how to console,

8.  your empty hums agreeing,

9.  his words are bullets, so speak.


10.His righteousness takes a toll,

11. good deeds need guaranteeing,

12. a life unlived is not unique.


13. A charlatan wants control-

14. “It’s for your own wellbeing!”

15. These words are bullets, so speak.


16. Hatred is an armed pistole,

17. scared are the ones decreeing:

18. “A life unlived is not unique!”

19.  Their words are bullets, so speak.